TMTYR Episode #1: Farewell to the Outline (The Day the Earth Stood Still)

It’s here, folks!  Oh, not on iTunes, yet, on account of making sure everything’s working first.  We’re all new to this.  But feel free to download it here if you like.  If you’re patient, you should be able to find us in iTunes in a couple of weeks.

In their inaugural episode, the Pavement Pounders discuss the Harry Bates short story Farewell to the Master, the classic 1951 film adaptation of the story titled The Day the Earth Stood Still and the remake from 2008 of the same name.

Pounder Rankings!!!


  • story
  • 1951 film
  • 2008 film


  • 1951 film
  • story
  • 2008 film


  • 1951 film
  • story
  • 2008 film


Second Post About Something-ish

Okay, so we’ve got one fairly solid episode in the books, though not yet posted anywhere.  It’ll get there eventually, we promise.

And now we’ve recorded another episode about Planet of the Apes.  The book, the original film, the unfortunate reboot/remake, and the actually good Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Just gotta edit it and what-not.  We’ll seriously get it posted soon.  I’ll also get a quick post up about our next topic.

Oh, one other thing is that we’ve got an awesome brand-new show logo, provided by Seth’s high school pal Steven Rasher.  Check it out:

the logo, seriously one of the greatest things ever
Take Me to Your Logo!

Obligatory First Post Containing Nearly No Information

Hi there, world!  We, the Pavement Pounders, are heading toward our inaugural episode despite the voices of our better judgment.  But if you’re out there, and you somehow came across this page, we invite you to play along at home.Klaatu and Gort

For our first episode, we’ll be discussing Farewell to the Master, by Harry Bates, and its two major film adaptations, both titled The Day the Earth Stood Stillfrom 1951 and 2008.

Join us, won’t you?  We’re hoping to get an episode posted in the near future.

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