TMTYR Episode #7: Shake My Hand Grenade (Death Race 2000)

In Episode #7, the Pounders return to their classic format, discussing the 1975 cult classic Death Race 2000, based on Ib Melchior’s 1956 story “The Racer,” and also the 2008 remake/prequel Death Race with Jason Statham.

Pounder Rankings have been cancelled for this episode, because we couldn’t figure out how to recommend the story or either film.  But here are some general thoughts:

“The Racer”: Not the worst story you’ll ever read, and it’ll only take you a half hour to read.  Find it in an anthology linked below.

Death Race 2000: Sylvester Stallone is pretty awesome.  David Carradine is very David Carradine.  There are also bare chests of various descriptions.

Death Race: Loud and stupid, just the way you probably expected.


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