TMTYR Episode #29: We Mean No Harm to Your Planet (Jumper)

For Episode 29, the Pavement Pounders discuss Steven Gould’s excellent novel Jumper and its lackluster 2008 film adaptation. Just read the book series!Jumper poster

For a podcast on a better Doug Liman film, check out our episode about Edge of Tomorrow (All You Need is Kill).

Huge thanks to Steven Gould for replying to our tweet, and also to Edward, Matthew, Nick, and John for responding on Facebook.  You, too, can find us on social media (our website has all the deets).

Pounder Rankings!:


  • Book(s)
  • Movie


Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy interviews Steven Gould:

Tom Scott’s humorous video on  teleportation:

The Oatmeal (not xkcd!) comic about shooting for the moon:

Jumper: Book vs. Film:

Another humorous Agony Booth review, this time for Jumper:

Seth’s reviews of the Jumper series:

The Sci-Fi Christian:

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