TMTYR Episode #30: Weir Science (The Martian, feat. Matt Anderson)

For Episode #30, the Pavement Pounders are joined by Matt Anderson of The Sci-Fi Christian to discuss the new film The Martian, adapted from Andy Weir’s best-selling book.The Martian book cover

Seth totally forgets about the Earth’s magnetic field when discussing the radiation problem.  Also, his Windows laptop totally freezes up halfway through.  See if you can spot where it happens.  Editing FTW!

Huge thanks to Matt for joining us and keeping the ball rolling while Seth’s computer crapped out.



  • book
  • movie (but it’s close)

Matt’s podcasts:
The Sci-Fi Christian (
Comic Book Time Machine (

Guy takes some shots at the book, people freak out in the comments:

Awesome new space suits!:

NASA tech in The Martian

XKCD, of course:

How The Martian may have saved the space program

Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy interview with Andy Weir:

Adam Savage Interviews Andy Weir:

The Incomparable 187 “Man vs. Mars”:

Liquid Water on Mars

Perchlorates on Mars

The Martian and the religion of science:

NYTimes, “Let’s Not Move to Mars”:

Screen Junkies “Martian Movie Science”:

Martian deleted scene “Chem Cam”:

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