TMTYR Episode #53: No, I Mentioned the End Credits (Next)

Continuing the Summer of PKD, the Pavement Pounders discuss the short story “The Golden Man,” loosely adapted into the 2007 Nicolas Cage vehicle Next. Somewhere, somebody enjoys this film. Just not us. Will the story fare better?

Bonus points for anyone who counts how many times Colin says “nucular.”

Pounder Rankings!:

  • Story
  • Movie


  • End Credits
  • Story
  • Movie


  • Story
  • Movie

Why Seth was not “begging the question”:

PDF version of the story:

Review of the story:

Wikipedia article for the movie (interesting history of the screenplay):

Somebody likes the movie!:

But not everyone:

PKD in adaptation:

Seth’s New Podcast, “Hugos There”:

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