TMTYR Episode #58: A Very Important “And” (Children of Men)

children-of-menThis time, for a very late November episode, the Pavement Pounders discuss PD James’s The Children of Men and its 2006 adaptation, Children of Men.

The movie and book were not universally loved by all of us, but it spurred a great conversation.

Thanks so much to Dominic Coddington for suggesting the topic!



  • Film
  • Book

Nerdwriter1: “Children of Men: Don’t Ignore the Background”:

Iconic Long-shot scene was an accident:

Francis Fukuyama on why Children of Men is great:

Long Takes (feat. Alfred Hitchcock commentary – some NSFW language):

Review of the film from The Atlantic:

The relevance of this movie today:

Sincast Best of 2006 (language…lots of it):

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