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One day while running, Seth announced to James and Colin that it was high time they started a podcast.  Never mind that they had no equipment, funding, or talent.

The idea was simple: take old, cheesy science fiction movies, most of which are based on written works, and discuss them from the ground up.  Read the book/story, watch the movie, watch any remakes, and give it all a thorough talking through.

But in the course of coming up with titles, it occurred to them that there are still a number of newer films based on earlier works that are extremely watchable, and more and more old films getting the reboot treatment.  So why set a limit on the possibilities?  Sure, it’s near impossible to get agreement on what to read next, but we have to argue about something, right?


While we’ll each read the source material and watch all the movies, we’ll divide up focus areas, so one of us will give the written material additional time, while the others will perhaps go for multiple viewings of a film or maybe check out the commentary tracks.

We’ll then get together and discuss everything in a rough roundtable format, hopefully disagreeing sharply on some issues.

We’ll conclude by ranking the various entries in the film/book franchise, probably favoring the book more often than not.

It’s our hope that we can inspire listeners to seek out the lesser known source works for movies they’ve likely already seen, as there are some gems out there.


Because we’ll often be reading a new book, and James is a horrifically slow reader, we’ll be shooting for a show a month or so.  If we can squeeze in two, so much the better.


We hope our listeners will chime in with feedback about the show, and especially with suggestions on future shows.  That way we don’t have to disagree just with each other.


Being at least 66% churchgoing, we thought it fitting to bless our listeners, so we went with a slight modification of the Irish Blessing:

“May the road rise up to meet you, and may the book always fall open to where you left off.”

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