Weighing Harlan Ellison-themed episode options

As discussed in the latest episode, we’re considering what kind of Harlan Ellison-themed episode we should do.  The two options are:

  1. A Boy and His Dog.  It’s a novella and a film, so it totally fits with our model.  It’s just that it’s a bit, well, rapey.  Seriously, there’s a bunch of rape in it, and while it’s still probably worth discussing (disgusting?), we’re not sure we want to do it.  Then again, it’s a cult classic, so if our idea was to cover classic sci-fi, this should be on the list.  Ugh.
  2. The Terminator.  Stay with me a second.  Ellison got a post-credits acknowledgement after raising a stink about the movie being based on an episode of The Outer Limits he wrote.  So we could read I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, which is also sort of related in theme, then watch the episodes “Soldier” and “Demon With a Glass Hand”, then watch The Terminator and give our opinions about what kind of case Ellison had.  Could be fun!

Ultimately, we’ll be able to decide on our own, but it’d sure make it easier if we got some listener responses.  So lob us a comment her or use our poll thingy:

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