This is the page where we thank anyone who’s helped us along in any way toward becoming the media juggernaut we’ll probably never become:

  • Steven Rasher – For the original artwork behind our awesome logo.  Also for being the first to like our Facebook page.
  • Alisha Volkman – For the aforementioned awesome logo.
  • Remi Lavictoire – For encouragement and moral support, as well as a few well-timed shout-outs on his show, The Sci-Fi Movie Podcast.
  • Josh Rawson – For consulting with us on sound mixing.
  • Emily Ralston, Elaine Heasley, and Kathy Kuskie – For allowing us to invade their homes for watching geeky movies and not complaining too much.  Special nod to Emily for putting up with us recording at her house.

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