TMTYR Episode #43: Montag Shot First (Fahrenheit 451, feat. Phil Nichols)

For Episode #43, the Pavement Pounders are lucky enough to be joined once again by friend of the show Phil Nichols, senior advisor to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies. Fahrenheit 451 is the topic this time, both the Francois Truffaut adaptation and, of course, the classic dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury.

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Phil’s site:

The New Ray Bradbury Review:

Get the F451 stage script here:

John Green on the book:

Fahrenheit 451, Top Ten Notes (WatchMojo):

The New Republic review of F451

New Yorker review of the film:

Thug Notes on Fahrenheit 451:

Negative review of the book:


Seth's appropriate podcast uniform.
Seth’s appropriate podcast uniform.

One thought on “TMTYR Episode #43: Montag Shot First (Fahrenheit 451, feat. Phil Nichols)”

  1. Great episode. But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I?

    You Pavement Pounders continue to impress me with the amount of preparation and research you do for your podcast. Well done!

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