TMTYR Episode #48: Robot Rocky (Real Steel)

Real Steel posterBrace yourself for a hard-hitting gut punch of a knockout movie, and also for Seth’s best attempts to destroy the universe with the worst possible puns and Dad jokes, because this time out, the Pavement Pounders discuss Real Steel, loosely based on the Richard Matheson short story “Steel,” as well as the Twilight Zone adaptation of the story.

Pounder Rankings!:


  • Movie
  • Story
  • Twilight Zone

Robot or Not? Pronunciation:

Sci-Fi Nerd: Guilty Pleasures (Real Steel):

Cinema Siren review:

Deleted Scene details:
Interview with Shawn Levy about the mix of practical and CG effects (NSFW language):

Deleted Scene details and Sequel?


Breakdown of Real Steel visual effects:

More on the visuals:

Behind the Scenes:

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