TMTYR Episode #50: Whiskey, the Water of Life (Dune)

To celebrate their 50th episode, the Pavement Pounders got James drunk and made him read Dune. (And also watch the 1984 film and the 2000 miniseries.)

Unfortunately, Seth’s recording failed (silently) at about the 40 minute mark, so his audio is pulled from what bled into the other guys’ mics. It’s not fantastic, but the conversation is still good, and James and Colin’s recordings kept on working.



  • Book (and nothing else ranked)


  • Book
  • TV miniseries
  • 1984 film


Seth’s new podcast, Hugos There (featuring Colin in the first episode):

The Guardian retrospective on 50 years of Dune: Dune Re-Read:

New Yorker article about Dune:

Nerdist News: 7 Things We Need from the New Dune!

Impressions of Dune Documentary

Deleted Scenes from Dune (1984):

Roger Ebert’s review of Dune (1984)

About Jodorowsky’s Dune:

A Beginner’s Guide to Dune (NSFW language)

James in his pajamas







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