TMTYR Episode #51: We Had a Beta Unit (The Last Starfighter)

Fittingly, for Episode #51, the Pavement Pounders discuss an alien abduction movie, as Centauri kidnaps Alex Rogan in his intergalactic Predator Van to make him fight Xur and his Ko-Dan Armada.

Yes, it’s another April Fool’s “Reverse Adaptation,” as we discuss the 1984 film The Last Starfighter and its Alan Dean Foster novelization. It’s a bit late for April Fool’s Day, but wasn’t that part of the joke?

Will we ever get out of 1984? Tune in next time and see!



  • Novelization (what?)
  • Movie
  • Colin:

  • Movie
  • Novelization
  • Seth:

  • Movie
  • Novelization
  • Also of note is that between the Heasley and Kuskie offspring, we were 0-3 on kids liking the movie. We have failed as parents.


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