TMTYR Episode #26: De-bounced (Starship Troopers)

In Episode #26, the Pavement Pounders were delighted to be joined by Nicholas Jensen to talk about Starship Troopers, the Robert Heinlein novel and the Paul Verhoeven film of the same name (if not the same content).starship_troopers

This podcast also features a brief segment from a longer discussion with Keith Kato of The Heinlein Society.  The full interview, minus the Starship Troopers part, will be released as Episode #27 in the coming weeks.

Pounder (and Guest) Rankings!:


  • movie
  • book


  • book
  • movie


  • book
  • movie


  • book
  • movie


Nick’s Brother’s page:

Now Playing/Books and Nachos:

The film and book contrasted:

io9 article on the book:–and-therein-lies-the-problem

Cracked article on the book:

The movie was brilliant?

Fan theory about the Bugs destroying Buenos Aires:

And yet another article defending the movie:

Boeing Videos about SLS:

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