TMTYR Episode #27: Interview with The Heinlein Society’s Keith Kato

THSSorry folks, no clever title this time, and no actual new book/movie review featuring James, Colin and Seth.  Instead, Seth was lucky enough to get Keith Kato of the Heinlein Society on the phone to chat about the Society, R.A.H. himself, his work, rumors of future adaptations, and even some tidbits about Predestination, which the Pounders discussed earlier in 2015 and is probably still their favorite episode.

(A portion of this interview was cut out and put into the Starship Troopers episode, so make sure to go back and listen to that.)

A huge thank you to Keith for responding so quickly and being willing to take the time to answer our questions.  Look up The Heinlein Society in the links below and we hope you enjoy the discussion.

The Heinlein Society:

Our Episode about Predestination:

The Heinlein Archives:

The Virginia Edition:

The Keith Kato Chili Party:

WorldCon 2015 in Spokane, WA:

Essay/Article about RAH, “Rah, rah, R.A.H”:

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  1. Keith Kato misspoke: membership and supporting membership in the Heinlein society is on a per-annum basis, not per month.

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