TMTYR Episode #28: Deaunt Chaynj Ennithnng (A Sound of Thunder, feat. Phil Nichols)

(Ironic Title Translation: Don’t Change Anything.  You’ll get it once you’ve read the story.)A_Sound_of_Thunder_poster

In honor of what would have been Ray Bradbury’s 95th birthday, the Pavement Pounders discuss his well-known short story A Sound of Thunder with Phil Nichols, Senior Advisor to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies at Indiana University.  Also under consideration is the episode of Ray Bradbury Theater adapted from the story, and the troubled 2005 feature film adaptation.

Huge thanks to Phil for joining us from the U.K. and bringing something that’s normally sorely missing from our discussions: actual knowledge! 



  • Story
  • Ray Bradbury Theater episode
  • Don’t watch the movie, watch Jurassic Park!!!


  • Story
  • RBBT
  • Not dignifying the movie with a comment


  • Story
  • RBBT
  • Movie


  • Story
  • RBBT
  • Movie (watch it to laugh at it)


The Center for Ray Bradbury Studies:

Phil’s Bradbury Media site:

Follow Phil on Twitter!:

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Hilarious, detailed takedown of all the movie’s faults:

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